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Meet Akinsoya, A Real Estate/ Publishing & Printing Businessman & Part-time Trader, Who Plans to Scale his Business with his trading profits!

Meet Akinsoya Abiodun. A quantity Surveyor/ Real estate / Publish & Branding businessman that is also a trader.
Akinsoya plans to scale and grow his business with the money he makes from trading rather than going to a bank for a loan avoiding all the rigorous processes, challenges and interest rates that go into acquiring a loan for a small business.
He first discovered Forex trading but didn’t start until January of 2019 because of the popularity, accessibility and technological advancement of trading and trading platforms.
He currently trades currencies (Forex), commodities, Gold and the Nasdaq. And his favourite instrument is the Euro/USD pair.
As a trader, Akinsoya always seeks new ways to improve his trading skills and grow his profits and discovered the innovative EGM CloudTrade an advanced and simplified platform that will give him the opportunity to trade more financial instruments, reach more markets globally, manage risk better, become profitable and a pro-trader.
According to Akinsoya ‘trading is a great opportunity for me to generate a new source of income to enable me support my family, grow my business and gain financial freedom’
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