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AUD/JPY Hits Target! 


Our most recent trade setup on AUD/JPY has hit its target profit set at the 75.700 price area, locking about +30-40 pips in profit (dependent on entry price) during yesterday’s European session. We highlighted the possible short covering situation on this pair by market participants despite its very unperturbed bearishness on the back significant slowing Australian economy – you can read full analysis here

AUD/JPY 1-Hour chart showing price closed out in +34.7 pips in profit

In monetary terms, for instance, clients that traded with:

N100 (trading amount) * 34.7 points = N3,470 N1000 * 34.7 points = N34,700 N2000 * 34.7 points = N69,400 N10,000 *34.7 points = N347,000

N.B: Depending on the trading amount returns could be lower or higher than the above examples.

At EGM, will would always strive to ensure that our clients are profitable!

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