Gold (XAU/USD) Hits Target! 

Our most recent trade setup on Gold has hit its target profit set at the 1390 price area, locking about +150-155 points in profit (dependent on entry price) during the early hours of today’s European session. We highlighted the current strength of the USD as a valid downside propellant on this pair and that is still currently playing as this is being published.

Gold (XAU/USD) 1-Hour chart showing price closed out in +116.5 pips in profit (this trade was executed at a later price hence the discrepancy)

In monetary terms, for instance, clients that traded with:

N100 (trading amount) * 155 points = N15,500 N1000 * 155 points = N155,000 N2000 * 155 points = N310,000 N10,000 *155 points = N1,500,000

N.B: Depending on the trading amount returns could be lower or higher than the above examples.

At EGM, will would always strive to ensure that our clients are profitable!

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