Meet our Trader of the week Egejuru Stanley An Insurance Banker/ Businessman.

He first started trading after he was ripped-off by a so-called ”broker”. This left him devastated after the loss of his money as he was told, and this led him to start researching about trading the markets and learn how to trade himself.

Since then he has been an active trader and has done relatively well trading. Because of how profitable and beneficial trading has been, he tries to improve his trading skill via new innovations and technology and find new ways to improve and grow his profits. He started trading on the EGM platform because he understands that the platform has been created by Africans for Africans in a bid to empower African traders.

Stanley’s motivation for trading is to gain financial freedom and ultimately retire with the money he makes from trading.

According to Stanley his best instruments to trade are Gold, the GBP & USD pairs.


Stay connected with us, as we will be sharing more stories from real traders to help inspire and motivate you on your journey to becoming a pro-trader!

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