At EGM Analytics, we open every day the glittering pages of the global markets, for all to read, listen, watch, learn, and understand. Our aim is to educate the African trader.

EGM ANALYTICS is a publication that seeks and intends to bring forex and other global financial instruments in Africa to the forefront of the world’s attention with her feature-packed digital periodicals covering and offering the latest news and analysis from the global markets.

We bring to your reading pleasure, contents that matters to you, interviews with major key players in the global markets across Africa, market insights, podcasts, trading strategy and serve a conglomerate of brokers around the continent of Africa.

Going forward, with more and more people understanding and prospecting trading around the world, we want to give you a distinct side of a trader’s daily life.

Winsala Gbotemi.
Winsala Gbotemi.

Gbotemi is a dedicated prolific writer who is keen on exploring unexpected angles and equipped with well over 3 years of writing experience in different avenues and seeks to join Blank Page’s pool of writers in producing factual, ethical, and impactful investigative articles.

Gbotemi creates concise, eye-catching, and innovative headlines centered on global financial instruments. He researches and organizes facts and sources, interview sources, consistently brainstorm and collaborate with the team for new ideas and strategies and write a wide variety of topics.

Gbotemi is also a Creative Writer and Founder of Winsala Muses Limited which seeks to rejuvenate the enigma of literature and tell metaphysical stories which the pen and paper cannot tell.

Gbotemi is a Staff Writer.


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