Gbite Oduneye started Eagle Global Markets because he believes the global financial market has a significant impact on our day to day lives but it is very difficult to participate and benefit from global trend as an individual.

Capital requirements, data costs, and transparency are just a few of the many reasons why trading nom-domestic products appear prohibitive.

EGM ANALYTICS is a publication that seeks and intends to bring forex and other global financial instruments in Africa to the forefront of the world’s attention with her feature-packed digital periodicals covering and offering the latest news and analysis from the global markets.

EGM ANALYTICS incorporates RSS feeds to syndicate and aggregate online financial content to our avid readers.

We bring to your reading pleasure, contents that matters to you, interviews with major key players in the global markets across Africa, market insights, podcasts, trading strategy and serve a conglomerate of brokers around the continent of Africa.

Going forward, with more and more people understanding and prospecting trading around the world, we want to give you a distinct side of a trader’s daily life.

Gbite Oduneye

Gbite is the Founder and CEO of A&O Acquisitions, a boutique investment firm with an African focus with offices in London and Lagos. The firm was established in 2006 and has expertise in navigating the African investment landscape by structuring transactions in both debt and equity. A&O Acquisitions specializes in Capital Markets, Real Estate, Technology, and Art.

Gbite is also Co-Founder of Eagle Global Markets, a multi-asset derivative platform enabling clients to trade global markets in real-time using Naira. This is delivered on a web browser and our IOS and Android apps. EGM offers the highest levels of transparency, ease of transacting as well as constant innovation to our clients. Nigerians can now trade any Commodity, Equity, Forex Pair or Index in real-time using Naira eradicating any forex risk. Gbite has over 10 years’ experience in the investment sector covering Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, and Rwanda.

Gbite works closely with the Nigerian Stock Exchange to promote investments into the Nigerian Market, is Chairman of African Event Partners that hosts investment events and roundtables like the Nigerian Capital Market Forum London, African Finance Capital Asia. He is an avid advocate for Financial Technology in Africa and has catalyzed the creation of 3 Start-Ups in the past 4years. Gbite strongly believes in the mantra ‘be all you can be’, Africa’s time is now.

Gbite is the Publisher of EGM Analytics.

Moses Kayode.

Moses is a strategic and analytical finance professional with 8 years of success in financial reporting and analysis. He is an accomplished and results-oriented professional who consistently meets deadlines and increases company revenue.

Moses is a deep thinker who is highly skilled at increasing productivity through detailed derivative analysis. He thrives in a high-pressure environment. Moses research economic conditions, manage quantitative data, prepare weekly reports, and facilitates training classes.

Moses is the Founder of an ICT company, Global Computer, Technology and Information Management.

Moses is a Derivative Analyst.

Winsala Gbotemi.
Winsala Gbotemi.

Gbotemi is a dedicated prolific writer who is keen on exploring unexpected angles and equipped with well over 3 years of writing experience in different avenues and seeks to join Blank Page’s pool of writers in producing factual, ethical and impactful investigative articles.

Gbotemi creates concise, eye-catching, and innovative headlines centered on global financial instruments. He researches and organizes facts and sources, interview sources, consistently brainstorm and collaborate with the team for new ideas and strategies and write a wide variety of topics.

Gbotemi is also a Creative Writer and Founder of Winsala Muses Limited which seeks to rejuvenate the enigma of literature and tell metaphysical stories which the pen and paper cannot tell.

Gbotemi is a Staff Writer.


Upcoming Training & Seminars
Feb 20In-house Class.
Technical and Advance Module.

The overall aim of this class is to enable you acquire the required knowledge for you to be able to analyse the markets both fundamentally and graphically. The end result is for you to make profitable trades.

Time: 12 pm- 2 pm.

Venue: The Bureau, 4th Floor, 28 Raymond Njoku Street, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Feb 21Webinar
Market Psychology: Trading Plan Development 6.

This webinar will go deeper into trading in the financial markets and how to further harmonize skills to grow up an investment. It is the continuation of the previous webinar. We will consider an effective strategy to override unprofitable methods of trading adopted by many.

The session will be highly interactive, as participants can ask questions.

Click on the link below to attend the class:

Feb 25In-house Class.
Basic Introductory Class to the Global Markets.

This class provides you with a sound knowledge of essential areas, and is a foundation for knowledge within the global markets.

Time: 12 pm- 2 pm.

Venue: The Bureau, 4th Floor, 28 Raymond Njoku Street, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Feb 26In-house Class.
Intermediate Class, (The Middle Diet).

This class is at a level of knowledge that is between the basic level and the advanced level. At the end of this class, you should have some knowledge about the global markets but not an advanced knowledge yet.   

Time: 12 pm- 2 pm.

Venue: The Bureau, 4th Floor, 28 Raymond Njoku Street, Ikoyi, Lagos.

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