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I mean we would get to that place of selling everything, but for now just sell the EURO and do so against the USDollar.

From the fundamentals front, the Euro area is in a bad place as constituent significant economies are printing abysmal macro data and it is even difficult to keep up with. Current technicals show that the EUR/USD is trading below a significant psychological price area at 1.1300 (highlighted in dark-grey) [see m15 chart], thus highlighting a further move to the downside.

Fig 1: 15-Minute (m15) EUR/USD Chart


Sell @ current price (instant execution)

Stop: 1.13195

Limit: 1.12235

The alternative play here is that the USDollar weakens, which is highly likely with the Fed looking to establish a more solidified stance with its uber-dovishness. We advise clients to always use a stop-loss.

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