The Best Digital Financial Platform of the Year 2018

What makes Eagle Global Markets only-one-of its Kind?

There is a thriving competition in the Global financial market that keeps all financial platforms beaking for high-profit traders in a digital world. In a race to get more traders on your platform, what you do better than any other platform goes a long way to build a success trail for your reputation.  There are many factors that highlight a digital financial platform from the others, For instance; the trading strategy of many digital financial platforms in Nigeria, Eagle Global Market (EGM) has fused a lot of factors together to position itself as arguably the best in the sphere.  Recognized by Proshare Markets as the best foreign exchange trading platform of 2018, EGM got four distinct awards.

To mention a few, the following factors have proved to be the market power of EGM.

CloudTrade Platform

The EGM CloudTrade platform is one of the most innovative and game-changing trading platforms in recent times. The platform enables Nigerians to trade over 1000 Global Markets financial instruments in real time using Naira. The CloudTrade platform has been specifically designed to enable both new and experienced traders, trade with ease on the go. It can be accessed on both the web and mobile app platform.

Technical Accessibility       

EGM has an application of the same name with which you can control your account and trade in the financial markets. This hassle-free mobile access allows you to view real-time charts, place trades and manage your trading account from anywhere in the globe. In addition, the mobile App enables live streaming of prices, advanced order ticket functionality and trading tools. It is safe to say the technical accessibility is impeccable because the app is updated quarterly; with the needs of the traders and ever-advancing technology duly considered.

EGM Education

Financial illiteracy is a disease, studies by both the NDIC and EFina2 have shown that the current levels of financial literacy in Nigeria are low. The cause to eradicate financial illiteracy and enable Nigerians have good financial knowledge and freedom has been a part of EGM’s mission. EGM provides Free weekly training, workshops, masterclasses, weekend classes for all those interested in trading global markets to enable them get an additional means of income daily and trade successfully. The top notch Education EGM provides has been rated by industry experts as one of the best out there and this is evident in the number of successful traders that have gone through it.

Trade of the day

More than any other platform, EGM highlights a trade that seems to be the gold mine of the moment. This gives the traders a hint on the profit forecast and how advantageous their corresponding decisions might be. This is categorized under Customer Service.

Market Insights

With the steady press of market metrics, news, economic calendars, manuals and webinars, EGM poses as a reputable source of educative information for traders.

EGM Analytics

One spectacular feature that EGM has incorporated overtime is its “ANALYTICS” The latter has proved to be a reliable means to curb loss and also forecast the possible rise and decline in a time-based spectrum of the market (i.e. the buy/sell signal). By this means, EGM succeeds in providing profitable trade set-ups for its clients on a daily basis. These set-ups are analyzed holistically as they take into account the relevant fundamentals and technicality involved in the market. In actual fact, EGM caters to more wins than losses; which is the real deal to any profit-oriented trader.

For instance: This Chart shows candlesticks prints are above the two moving averages. However, when the averages cross over at a swing low, the volume bars (both green and red) will print above the zero axis of the awesome oscillator. This is called a “Buy Signal.

This chart shows that the candlesticks prints are below the two moving averages. When the two moving averages cross over at a swing high, the volume bars (both green and red) will print below the zero axis of the awesome oscillator and ultimately give a sell signal.

According to – One of the leading economic analyst in Nigeria- “The Eagle Global Market retains the reputation of being the premier partner for introducing brokers in Nigeria, and the best in the Nigerian digital financial market.  Riding on its transparency; longevity and trust have reinforced its position as the best.

EGM offers you a trading platform where you can trade over 1,000’s of financial instruments in major markets globally, and earn passive income daily.

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