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The Fastest Growing SME’s In Nigeria, What Makes These Companies Remarkable

Over the years, SME’s have been an avenue for job creation and empowerment of Nigerians, providing about 50% of all jobs the citizens can boast of. A survey conducted in 2012 shows that there are 17 million small and medium scale enterprise in Nigeria, employing about 32.41 million persons in the country.

The annual Business Day’s Top 100 SME’s in Nigeria, where companies like Max, Anakle, Farmcrowdy, Cantagali, Jumia, Ebonylife Tv, Eagle Global Markets etc. were recognized and awarded as the fastest growing SME’s in Nigeria. They were awarded because of their extraordinary business performance and integrated systems in various areas and their impact. Interesting?

Following the above merit, we would like to explore what makes these companies remarkable out of the 17 million SME’s in the country? You might want to grab a pen.

Below are our findings:

  1. They demonstrate business excellence and have helped improve the image of the country in the local and international community, setting models for future enterprises to follow.
  2. They have direct impacts on the community and have seen to its growth in various ways.
  3. They are committed to building working environments that encourage and nurture flexibility and innovation.
  4. They maintain a sharp focus on the market: this helps them stay grounded in an unfolding and ever-changing world.
  5. They provide training and upskilling facilities that enables staff empowerment: they offer a unique appeal of helping their employees thrive in a changing business environment.
  6. They are committed to developing new technologies that will be useful and serve people in their community.
  7. They have been a great avenue for job creation and empowerment.

Let’s take a case study and look at EGM an innovative fin-Tech company that is dedicated to fighting financial illiteracy and creating wealth by providing a simplified platform for Nigerians to Trade Global financial markets using our local currency Naira and earning additional income; thereby eradicating the issue of living pay-check to pay-check which is the case for most working Nigerian. They offer Free trainings, masterclasses, webinars, workshops and resources to new and experienced traders. EGM embodies every single feature mentioned above and more.

The co-founder of EGM Gbite Oduneye stated “we are privileged to be recognized as one of the fastest growing SME’s in Nigeria with a mission to eradicate financial illiteracy and enable Nigerians have an additional means of income trading Global markets through an easy to use platform using our local currency (naira).”

In conclusion, since SME’s are the backbone of every economy, it is essential for them to be recognized for their reliability, excellence and honest impact seeing as they help the country generate substantial income.

EGM offers a trading platform to trade over 1,000’s of financial instruments in major markets globally and earn passive income daily.

They provide;

  1. Free Trading accounts
  2. Free Beginner training
  3. Free weekly webinar
  4. Free daily trading strategy and resources
  5. Free masterclass training
  6. Free weekend training for working professionals

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